Monday, January 31, 2011

Hack Password WinRar

Often we get a RAR file which in password.Jika we do not know the password we certainly will not be able to use the files contained in Rar tersebut.Untuk fix you can use a software called WinRar.PW.Remover-hs

Here's how to open files that have been WinRar Password:

1. Install the application into your computer system.

2. Run the application in question.

3. Click the Open button "RAR File"

4. Select a method to open the Rar file password is, for example: "Brute-Force Attack"

5. Click the Start button, wait a moment until the PopUp results.


  1. ane udah pernah coba gan. trus ane test bongkar password rar yang ane buat, ga banyak2 cuman 3 char. beuh nnggu berjam-jam ga kebuka-buka. trus nyoba pake 1 char sama aja. ane jadi bertanya, apa software ini beneran ato gadungan hehe...


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